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Project Meeting: 9th December 1998

At: 9:30am, MVB 3.35

Present: Henk, Cliff, Mike, Jim


  • We now have a wearable directory on Tao for backups, but need to make a backup script. [hm/cr]
  • We have rebuilt a Solaris box with NT4 (prawn) and successfully added it to the University network. [jbr/rt/hp-cns]
  • We have new version of the speech engine. It works well for Jim, but gave Cliff some problems. Nonetheless, best engine yet. [akos/jbr]
  • Render manager is fixed, apart from eccentric handling of multi-part notes.
  • Cliff is motoring on GPS (has contacted manufacturers) and has a plan to investigate the source of the TTFF problem. [cr]
  • Henk has removed all seven memory leak bugs from the note server. [mcm/hm]
  • Cliff has proposed changing from a 6v to 12v power system. All agreed! [cliff]
  • Jim has patched audio software so that it can be compiled (tho not executed) at HP on HPUX. [jbr]
  • Jim has added 'help' command to audio. [jbr]


  • Make a backup script for Tao. [hm/cr]
  • Improve makefiles to reflect all dependencies and work with each other as necessary[hm]
  • Pursue TTFF and DGPS problems (Prove system at home with Win95 SW) [cr]
  • Remove remaining memory leaks from Trigger Manager [mcm]
  • Remove remaining memory leaks from domain server [hm]
  • Try out speech on CJ again [jbr]
  • Improve speech accuracy through more focused subvocabularies [jbr]
  • Allow LocoMedia to function without need for complete training of subvocabs.[jbr]
  • Devise 'one pass' trainer for quick and simple demos. [jbr]
  • Start revising audio HCI. [jbr]
  • Install FrontPage98 on Prawn [jbr/cr].
  • Install Visual C++ and WinCE SDKon Prawn. [jbr]
  • Phil to complete bench version of FootBridge before Xmas [pin]

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