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Project Meeting: 22nd January 1999

At: 10:30am, HPLabs Europa

Present: Phil Stenton, Jim Bedford-Roberts, Phil Neaves, Roger Taylor, Marianne Hickey, Russell Perry, Eric Geelhoed, Mike McTernan, Cliff Randell

Apologies: Henk Muller

Project Management

Jim is departing for pastures green (London!). His project management role will be shared by Phil S. and Cliff; Marianne and Phil N. will continue to provide consultancy support; and Eric is welcomed to the BWCI team initially as our 'webmaster'.


  • We have latest version of the speech engine. Working with variable results for Jim, Mike and Cliff. [rt/jbr]
  • 'One pass' trainer for quick and simple demos completed. [jbr]
  • CyberJacket rewired; power connectors replaced; and circuit boards remounted on acrylic bases. Robustness and reliability noticably improved. [cnr]
  • FrontPage98, Visual C++ & Windows CE SDK installed on Prawn. [jbr]
  • CyberJacket guide web pages created with links to manufacturers/suppliers. [cnr]
  • GPS giving consistent results (see CyberJacket guide). Differential GPS giving variable results in line with coverage map. Accurate fixes obtained at Cabot Tower, Suspension Bridge/Observatory, Zoo/Downs and HPLabs front door. [cnr]
  • Notes recorded and rendered with dGPS fixes at Cabot Tower and HPLabs.[jbr, mm, cnr]
  • Bench version of FootBridge demonstrated in simplex mode at HPLabs. [pin]
  • Henk has found and removed two bad blocks from flash memory. [hm]
  • Debugging continues apace. [mm]


  • FootBridge prototype to be delivered to Uni for testing and integration with CyberJacket and Nino [pin - 29/1].
  • Contact to be made with UoB EE Dept for assistance with FootBridge development [cnr - 5/2].
  • Speech engine:- grammar to be reviewed [mh, mm, cnr - 29/1]; diagnostics agreed and implemented [rt, mm, cnr - 29/1]; and sign off [rt, mh, rp, mm, cnr - 28/2].
  • Pinger prototype to be implemented, based on FootBridge - Phil to design, and Cliff to build [pin, cnr - 28/2].
  • ~20 Pingers to be fabricated [pin+others - 7/3].
  • Demo of Speech Engine, Pingers and half duplex FootBridge [all - 1/5].

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