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Speech Recognition Meeting: 28th January 1999

Meeting to progress development of grammar to provide demo at end of February.

At: 2:00pm, HPLabs Marianne's Office

Present: Marianne Hickey, Mike McTernan, Cliff Randell


  • Proposal for grammar developed by Mike and Cliff - current version on web [cnr, mm]


  • Proposed grammar to be progressed incorporating these features: [mm, cnr]
    1. 'cancel' to be option on all paths.
    2. 'cancel' returns to last correctly recognised command.
    3. change of domain is confirmed to user.
    4. domains to be replaced with user friendly options e.g. shopping list, to-do list.   
    5. User to be prompted to exit domain at end of playing notes.
  • Roger to be consulted on versioning, global variance use, and rejection. [mh]
  • HPLabs facilities offered for recording wav files. [mh]
  • In due course Recogniser menu system to be rewritten [mm], and full duplex sound card to be explored (important to achieve fully 'unconciously' wearable). [cnr] 
  • Future ideas web page to be set up to include automatic user identification; intelligent monitoring of effectiveness of interface; and initiation of retraining where appropriate. [cnr]

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