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Project Meeting: 1st March 1999

At: 2.30pm Rh 3.35 MVB

Present: Phil Neaves, Marianne Hickey, Eric Geelhoed, Henk Muller, Mike McTernan, Cliff Randell

Apologies: Roger Tucker


  • Simplex version delivered to UoB - data successfully being transferred between Tempest ports. Randomiser and packet size still to be experimented with once link to Nino established. MM/JNS/CR.
  • Duplex PCB designed with delivery expected mid-March.PiN
  • Tx/Rx Coil needs to be mounted close to PCB - PiN to obtain price/availability of flexible pcb.


  • Option of using Class Exempt R.F. Modules to be explored - PiN to provide recommendations e.g Radiometrix.
  • PICs suggested for interface - need to explore port options - parallel/USB/multiplex serial.

Speech Engine:

  • Version 1.3 installed and working well in the lab.
  • Continuing problems with external use - PTT (press to talk) switch to be experimented with, as well as throat mic. Improved conventional unidirectional mic to be sought - EG to recommend source.
  • M.H. to provide info on other's experiences inc. info on jabra mic.
  • Viability of using existing sound card for duplex operation to be explored - HM.


  • Desirable to transfer server to University - a plug-in is required for FrontPage to enable use with an Apache server (eliminates need for extra hardware at MVB). EG/HM to research.
  • Alternative option is to transfer existing files/directory structure but weeding required first - possible summer student work. New pages can still be generated using FrontPage and transferred to University site.
  • In the meantime EG to continue managing site.  


  • Alternative source of differential GPS signals found - 300kHz beacon with improved coverage.
  • Order to be placed - CR/HM.

'Jacket MkII

  • Options being considered for processor - StrongARM recommended as xx86s power hungry.
  • PiN/HM to research options (later - possibility of using Psion 5?)


  • Poster/Paper to be prepared for ISWC based on shopping ideas as demonstration application for connectivity - May also be suitable for Symposium of Handheld & Ubiquitous Computing at Karlsruhe -  PiN/HM/CR.
  • Possible link with UbiCom at Delft University working in similar field concentrating on vision applications (and lamposts!) EG.
  • Demo to be offered to Digital City Bristol via EG.
  • Potential link with Orange - carrying out U(niversal)M(obile)T(elephony)S(ervice) trials in Bristol. HM to consult D.May.


  • Locomedia - debugging continues. Documentation requires updating - CR/MM.
  • Shopping Jacket - interactive shopping using Pingers, GSM 'phone, and FootBridge for display/smart card transactions.
  • Direction Finder - MSc project.
  • Affective Computing - MSc project - EG has/will provide contacts.

Next Meeting

  • Early April to discuss demo for 1st May

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