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Progress Meeting: 24th August 1999

At: 10.30 pm 3.35 MVB

Present: Henk Muller, Mike McTernan, Matthew Baldwin, Michael Measures, Cliff Randell


It is time to review our overall progress this summer, and decide on how to satisfactorily complete the current phase of software development.

We have built the new EventManager (Daylight) and associated modules (GPS, Cron, Pinger, Compass,Speech). The Shopping and Tourist Applications have been demonstrated successfully. Mike M is debugging the new Recogniser, and Matthew is developing the Camera Application.


The IPPingers, Compass and HP Jornada are all working so we now have two fully functional 'Jackets (apart from 'phones and footbridges).  Cliff has applied to have the old 'phones transferred (but is waiting for Phil to confirm that the 'Customer Release' forms have been sent). The RadioBeacon Rx has been sent for repair and we are still waiting for delivery of the Radio Modems. More Pingers need to be built. One LiIon battery died last week.  


With two (and a half!) weeks to go we want to integrate our work into one suite of programs which can be run on either (or both) jacket(s). A simplified model for this is shown below:-

The Jacket boots the Recogniser on switch-on, and each application is started by voice commands. The NoteBook and Camera applications are speech driven; the Shopping App. responds to 'Pings'; and the Tourist App. to GPS location. Ideally a generic API would be developed for associating media files with their context, however we have insufficient time to do this. We are continuing to use the techniques already developed for each separate application even although there is functional commonality between them.

nb The Recogniser is actually another application - it could be regarded as main().


Next Meeting : 10.30 a.m. 1st September Rm 3.35 MVB

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