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Guide to using PRCS for locomedia

Checkin, Checkout and Merge Overview

Initial setup

The Checkin Command

The Checkout Command

The Merge Command

Adding and Removing Project Files

When you add a file to a project (for example, a new C file) it is important that you update the daylight.prj filet. If this is not done, prcs will ignore the file, and it will not be added to the repository.

prcs populate

Build trees

As well as the main project version in the repository, it is possible for you to maintain other versions of a project. This may be useful for private development/debugging etc, and can be used by executing prcs with the

-r version

commandline option.
For more information on build trees, look here
More information on prcs can be found on the PRCS web site.
Or just ask Mike mm7323@Bris.Ac.Uk.

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