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House-style for wearable web pages

So that everyone visiting our site can see how closely we all work together (!), let's stick to a single house style from August 97 onwards:

The style

  • Each page includes a standard header and footer (defined as FrontPage 'shared borders'). The copyright note in the footer will be ammended in due course!
  • Frames, navigation bars, FrontPage themes, dynamic HTML features are not used (sorry guys!)
  • Background, text and hyperlink colors are as per this page.
  • The preferred horizontal line style is:

  • All web pages are initially hyperlinked to the main home page: index.htm and to at least one of the web trees under plans, meetings, papers, links or LocoMedia System (else they could become isolated in due course!)
  • Web pages use the ".htm" suffix.


  • For those crafting HTML code by hand, template.htm provides a useful starting point. Note that the standard header and footer can be incorporated by placing the following line in the head section of the page:
    <meta name="Microsoft Border" content="tb">
  • For those using FrontPage there is a template set up, called "Wearable Blank Page" (this needs to be installed on each FrontPage client machine - so let me know if its missing!). To try it out, fire up the FrontPage Editor, click <File><New> and then select the template from towards the end of the scrolling list of template styles. Be warned, that until you save the template as a file in the web, it is unable to locate the header and footer components. So the first thing to do is to save the file in the web and then press the F5 key to refresh the page. At this point everything should look fine and you are away! I know its a bit crumby, but thats FP for you!
  • I would have liked to make the background colour dependent on whatever colour was set in /index.htm, but this doesnt work properly, so in the interests of simplicity I have decided to hard code the background colour into the template, and thereby into each newly created page. If you are bothered to do it, then right click on the page, select page properties, select the background tab and then get background from file: /index.htm. Strictly this is better, but I doubt its worth the effort! For reference the selected colour is

    <body bgcolor="#F2DDB0">


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