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Most of the equipment involved in the ERP programme is either bought or on long term loan. The bought stuff is listed here. For the loaned stuff click here.

Parts and equipment bought by Bristol University

Item Cost Notes
80MB flash £? hm 7.98
PC Card reader £? hm 7.98
Differential GPS and licence £? hm 7.98

<Henk - please fill in these numbers some time!>

Parts and equipment bought by HP

Item Cost Notes
FrontPage £141 installed at Bristol Uni
PC104 Soundblaster card £178 delivered to Bristol 1.8.97
6 Batteries & holders and 2 rechargers £244 finally delivered to Bristol 13.8.97
2 Power boards (plus spares of each) £86 finally delivered to Bristol 13.8.97
FrontPage upgrade £79 jim 9.7.98
Visual C++ compiler £429 jim 9.7.98
2 Philips Nino PalmPCs £600 jim and philS 20.7.98 (one held at HPLB)
Replacement 16C71 daugherboard for ICEPIC1 £150 jim and philS 23.7.98

For 1997 HP has budgeted $2000 (approx £1250) for equipment over the Summer period. So far we have spent: £649, leaving £601.

For 1998 any HP spend comes out of the parts budget of the ERP. Slightly conveniently, this part of the ERP is still at HP at the moment.

Parts and equipment still needed for Summer 97

Item Notes
Jacket Bought by Bristol Uni 14.8.97
Headset delivery due 30.7.97
CMOS camera When will we need this?
Mobile Phone/Modem/Air-time solution Neaves is onto this one 31.7.97

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