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Plans and Status

This page contains links to plans, scheduled events, project proposals, status reports and equipment records.


The most recent plans appear at the head of the list. Note that meeting minutes should go in the meeting section.

Scheduled events

Scheduled events are milestones with dates.

August 8th 1997: We have a working computer in a jacket!

October 1997: We have built a prototype CyberJacket. What's one of them then?

January 1998: We have an RA on board. Oops missed!

May 1998: We have a full specification of the Wearable Platform that is sufficient to allow detailed planning of the work to be carried out over the Summer period and to form the foundation for end-user documentation.

August 1998: We have developed a realiable Wearable Platform that is documented and designed such that future students can incorporate new sensor types, IO peripherals types and applications and that allows those applications to communicate with other applications running on a server.

October 1998: We have built a proof of concept application demonstrating:

  1. Contextual awareness. The wearable computer uses physical sensor data to estimate the mental context and/or goals of the wearer. The computer then applies this contextual information to improve the quality of its interaction with the wearer.
  2. Dynamic connectivity to local peripherals. The wearable computer automatically adapts to use peripherals in the local environment following selection by the user. No pre-loading of device drivers is required and ideally the peripheral connection should be wireless.
  3. Personalization. There is a simple method by which the wearer is able to chose applications to run on their wearable computer.

January 1999: We have revised the Wearable Computing platform. The platform may be sleaker or may incorporate interface or ruggedness improvements over the first design.

July 1999: We have two or three example wearable applications built around our wearable platform.

October 1999: We have built a proof of concept application that supports group interaction in addition to contextual awareness, dynamic connectivity and personalization. This will require a server or web based application performing a coordinating function between wearers.

January 2000: We have evaluated wearer reaction to wearable computing in a qualitative evaluation user trial.

August 2000: We have developed a good feel for THE most compelling application(s) of situated computing and have built a demonstrator to prove our intuitions. End of current programme.

Project proposals

Add your student project proposals here: (overlaps and duplicates are ok!)

Status Reports

Quarterly summaries of progress. Mmm, must get round to doing this one day!



Equipment records

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