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Planning for the 'big-push' to complete LocoMedia

This note is an attempt to get some order into our efforts to complete LocoMedia! There are few deadlines or details in this plan, but it should help us to prioritise and to get a sense of our progress against our aims! Please let me know where I have missed something off, or where I have misclassified a task (as in 'in progress', 'completed' or 'deferred'). jbr 26/11/98

plans.JPG (117789 bytes)

Fig 1. An overview of the milestones and tasks described in this note. Click the plan for a full view. This plans empahises what we need to do rather than what we have built so far - hence so little red ink!

Milestone Demos

In order of ambition:

  1. Demo Speech recognition
  2. Demo note recording and storage
  3. Demo note triggering against a time match
  4. Demo note triggering against a GPS location
  5. Demo info post to CJ note transfer over serial port, using FB protocol
  6. Demo info post to CJ note transfer over FB.
  7. Demo map-app working on Nino in conjunction with CJ
  8. Demo Pingers working with CJ
  9. Integrated demo at Bristol Uni.
  10. Integrated demo at HP Labs

We hope to get at least as far as 4 by Xmas '98 and to 10. by March 99.

Tasks needed to make it happen:-

Milestone status and task owners indicated in []. 'Wouldnt it be nice tasks' are in italic - not to be tackled in preference to other tasks!

  1. Demo Speech recognition [in progress]
    1. Get speech recognition to adequate level on the bench (>90% utterance recognition accuracy for any trained speeaker). [akos via jbr]
    2. Remove PC104 bus noise from CJ through wiring, PS and voltage convertor improvements. [cr]
    3. Tune speech recog on CyberJacket. Need pre-amp? Will any headset do? [jbr]
    4. Turn TTS into a registered Locomedia device. [mcm]
    5. Improve Trainer to allow quick training of a small utterance set (without having to train whole sub-vocabularies). [jbr->cliff?]
    6. Improve Recognition, by not loading inapplicable utterances (ie more flexible subVocabs). [jbr->cliff]
  2. Demo note recording and storage [in progress]
    1. Fix memory leak(s) in note server [hm]
  3. Demo note triggering against a time match [completed]
    1. Rendering previously recorded note. [mcm - completed]
    2. Rendering multi-part notes in a sensible hardwired way. [mcm]
  4. Demo note recording and replaying against a fixed GPS location
    1. Ensure differential GPS card work with correct accuracy and good reliability. [mcm/cr]
    2. Ensure TTFF is within manufacturers expectations and if at all possible < 2mins. [mcm/cr]
    3. Prove note triggering against a location. [mcm]
    4. Prove appropriate note suspension after triggering at a location. [mcm - in progress]
    5. Prove note recording, walk away and trigger note on return.[mcm/cr]
    6. Prove note recording one day and trigger on return next day. Intermediate power down. [mcm/cr]
    7. Prove appropriate queuing if two notes are assocaited with the same location.[mcm - in progress]
    8. Prove appropriate interruption in the case of context change with notes associated with each context. [mcm - in progress]
  5. Demo info post to CJ note transfer over serial port, using FB protocol
    1. Get NT workstation going ar the Uni to reinstate WinCE development environment. [jbr]
    2. Fix FB comms stack - FB Manager bug. [jbr]
    3. Develop code to allow note transfer from info stations. [mcm]
  6. Demo info post to CJ note transfer over FB.
    1. Get FB working. [pin]
    2. Get FB units fabricated externally. [jbr/pin]
  7. Demo map-app working on Nino in conjunction with CJ
    1. Complete TGPS sufficient for app [mcm - is this done?]
    2. Add audio facility to Map App to show 'mixed mode' functioning. [mcm]
    3. Add Nino display manager to handle screen blanking when app not running. [jbr?]
  8. Demo Pingers working with CJ
    1. Get Pingers working. [pin]
    2. Get Pingers fabriacted externally. [jbr/pin]
  9. Integrated Demo at Bristol Uni
    1. Script demo [jbr/mcm/cr]
    2. Prepare demo data. [mcm/cr]
    3. Tailor diagnostic data to to support demo. [mcm/jbr/cr]
  10. Integrated Demo at HP Labs
    1. Get 2nd CPU module - P133/ or 100M 486 [cr/hm]
    2. Check 2nd PC104 Motherboard works ok. [hm]
    3. Build 2nd CJ. [cr]
    4. Port LocoMedia system to HPUX OS or make tailored build to avoid unessential and hard-to-port elements [jbr/hm]

Prioirtized list of other LocoMedia tasks

These are on hold until the HP Labs demo milestone has been passed. Mike - can you start adding the contents of your little blue book to this list when you get a chance!

  1. Extend NoteServer to support AND operator between context expressions.
  2. Reexamine power solution for CJ. Are Camcorder batteries better (see Thad Starner). Suppliers for batteries and chargers. [cr]
  3. Documentation. Reestablish document requirements and plan to fulfill them. [cr]
  4. Revisit headset/mic requirements for CJ while wandering outdoors - contact . [cr/mh/jbr]
  5. Redesign Audio SW for full duplex operation. [?]
  6. Build deletion manager [mcm]
  7. Get FB units over to Washington Uni [jbr]
  8. Tomorrow's world [jbr]

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