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Roles and Responsibilities (draft)

Cliff - Wearables RA

  1. Day-to-day management including monitoring progress; identifying and communicating problems; HW procurement; and maintenance/development of the HW and SW platforms.
  2. Tutor and/or advise others joining the project, and maintain introductory documentation.
  3. Research developments in wearable computing and develop/progress a PhD theme that fits well with the programme.

Mike - Wearables Software Expert

  1. Get the system working.
  2. Bring Cliff up to speed on how the system works.
  3. Identify areas for further development and prioritize.

Henk - Wearables consultant

  1. Provide support in solving hard problems!
  2. Set research direction.
  3. Wearable system architecture.
  4. Supervise students and staff.
  5. Balance funds.

David - Department head

  1. Set research direction.
  2. Connect wearables programme to other groups both inside and outside the University

Jim - HP Wearables Consultant

  1. Primary HP contact. Represent the programme both inside and outside HP.
  2. Develop programme to improve impact.
  3. Set Research Agenda.
  4. Support HP staff contributing to the programme.
  5. Wearable system architecture.
  6. Maintain web.
  7. WinCE support.

Phil - Hardware Consultant

  1. Provide hardware research consultancy and engineering.
  2. FootBridge
  3. Pingers

Marianne - Speech Technology Consultant

  1. Provide Speech technology consultancy and supervision.
  2. Look for opportunities to merge speech research into the Wearables programme.

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